For issue tracking the project the GODOT issue tracking system is used.

Issues can comprise proposals for new features and detected bugs or security issues. If you find a security vulnerability, do NOT open an issue. Email instead.

Any contributor can report a bug or propose a new feature:

  • Bugs will be checked by community to confirm that it is actually a bug, and a potential solution will be proposed and implemented by the reporter or someone else. After maintainer reviews the change, it will be merged into the corresponding branch (Review then Commit)

  • New features will be analyzed and approved by a maintainer. Any contributor can then auto assign and develop the feature following the development process described previously

Maintainers are also there to review issues, ask for clarifications, add labels to issues, add them to projects or categories when necessary and enqueue issues to the actual working pipeline.

Please be courteous and respectful. Every participant is expected to follow the project's Code of Conduct.